Single Ladies Season 5

It is a comedy and a drama at the same time, by the genre, and as the title suggests, it should be about the lives of single ladies. The dramedy is developed by Stacy Littlejohn. The first season release date is May 30, 2011, on the VH1 channel. Three seasons were shown on this TV source and then the cancellation took place, unfortunately. The fourth season premiere was destined to be arranged, nevertheless. The fourth season premiere was organized in March 2015 on Centric. Since then nothing has been heard of the series resumption to the regret of all of us.

Plot Summary

There are four pivotal heroines in this series. It can remind us the beloved Sex and the City. Nevertheless, it is not the only one source of inspiration. The real-life stories are the background of the series.
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What are their names exactly? Well, they are:

  • Raquel,
  • Keisha,
  • April,
  • Melissa.

As in the famous franchise, these ladies face with challenges in their work and in relationships every day. They try to build up their careers and are in search of their men. The former goal seems to be more achievable than the latter one, as relationships are always complicated in their cases. Why so? How do you think? Why are they so unlucky when it comes down to happiness in private lives?
They are strong enough to overcome all troubles in their lives and move forward though sometimes looking back. They cannot but express their passions and emotions as all women do. Thus, the story is dramatic and hilarious, at the same time, as these women attempt to relate to life with humor no matter how sad it is.
Four available seasons have already faced some changes in the star cast, as well as the changing of the home network.
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Viewers’ Feedback

The show is noted for the controversial reception. On the one side, critics do not appreciate the story as something original. The writing and the characters development are the poor sides of this dramedy. Nevertheless, on the other hand, ordinary watchers have received the story much favorably. Thus, in spite of all those critical points in the media, the series keeps getting traction and attract the audience. The score constitutes 6.2 points out of 10 on IMDb, as of today, while on it is even higher – 8 out of 10. As you see, it is much more than simply middling.

Hoping to Catch the First New Episode

When will the next installment appear? The developers keep silence regarding the series future. This cannot but disappoint yet we should keep our chins up, as everything can be totally changed at any moment. In any case, keep your ears out for the following season air date!


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