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Silent Witness is a drama series produced in Great Britain. The series is released by BBC. It focuses on a group of pathology experts dealing with everyday crime affaires. The series is one of the longest ones – it started airing in 1996, and it’s still on. The creator of the series is Nigel McCrery.


The central character of the original series was Professor Helen Whitwell from Sheffield – a forensic pathologist. McCrery was acquainted to her when he worked in the local police. Later the show followed Professor Sam Ryan – a female pathologist portrayed by Amanda Burton. But this character departed in the eighth season. Supportive characters were regular almost all of the time till 2002. Later the slowly took the leading roles. In 2004, Emilia Fox was introduced to the series to portray Dr. Nikki Alexander. Dr. Alexander works as an assistant in a number of cases taking part in the investigations.
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The action of the first three seasons was in Cambridge. Then the series was pushed to London, because the main character got an academic position.
The show focuses not only on pathology. It’s about detectives and their investigations. They vary from episode to episode with a number of guest stars constantly appearing all along with regular main characters.

Main Characters

  • Nikki Alexander (portrayed by Emilia Fox) – Was born in South Africa, but feels that United Kingdom is her true home. Flirts a lot with Harry, her co-worker. Both of them were on the verge of starting a relationship until he left in the 15th season. She managed to start deep romantic relationship with Leo.
  • Jack Hodgson (portrayed by David Caves) – Before he started his work at Lyell Centre, he worked as a forensic scientist dealing with murder investigations in the police. Nikki and Leo see his talent and choose him to replace Harry. Jack’s best friend is Clarissa Mullery, his colleague. She comes to Lyell Centre together with her, which surprised Leo.
  • Clarissa Mullery (portrayed by Liz Carr) –Jack’s best friend and assistant.
  • Thomas Chamberlain (portrayed by Richard Lintern) – The head of the Lyell Centre replacing Leo who passed away in the 16th season. He’s got renowned reputation in different spheres of crime affaires. He’s charismatic but doesn’t often feel comfortable with people. At first, Jack, Nikki and Clarissa can’t get on well with him, but in the course of the series they develop warm and friendly mutual feelings.

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Release Date

Silent Witness series turns 20 in 2016. Emilia Fox, the one playing the role of the main heroine promised that season 20 would be something really exciting with a number of mysteries and twists. It’s going to be a big year for the show and it’s going to plunge deeper into the background of the main characters. The release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, don’t forget to check for updates.


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