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The term of broadcasting for more than 20 years – it’s quite a feat for a series of criminal, because such a genre as the police investigation can now be found on almost any channel. But such a long period means that the public still appreciates and loves the project. We are talking about the British TV series Silent Witness, which has been broadcasted on BBC One TV channel since 1996. The essence of the program is the work of forensic experts, exciting and at the same time frightening. The viewers, who had come to love the show, have lately asked the same question: when will Silent Witness return for season 20? Release date of the series fortunately has recently been announced. The renewed program will air its next new episode on January 2, 2017. It’s too little time to wait for the coming, so all the details of an upcoming part will be known very soon.
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Authors and Creators

Long time ago, on February 21, 1996 the first season release date was first introduced. By today 19 parts with 168 episodes have been presented, and this result is very prominent.
The creator of Silent Witness is Nigel McCrery, a professional investigator who used to work in the police of the UK.
For the past seasons a great number of executive producers have been working in the show for its developing and presenting all the air dates. The most vivid of them are the following ones:

  • Philippa Giles;
  • Jessica Pope;
  • Caroline Oulton;
  • Laura Mackie;
  • Mike Dormer;
  • Patrick Spence;
  • Jacques Dercourt and others.

The channel which has been broadcasting all the episodes of the series and which has recently presented the next season air date is a worldwide known BBC One.
Silent Witness Season 20 Cast

Brief Review

The protagonists of this long-living show are a team of forensic experts working with a variety of criminal stories. Their work is very important, because the further police investigation depends largely on the quality of this, and as often happens in such a way that to solve the crime is possible even without the participation of professional detectives, using only the data found by the experts.
The cast of the series has been changing a lot during so long period of broadcasting, but the idea remained unchanged. When new season twenty is presented, the viewers will certainly see new exciting stories and complicated investigations.

Viewers’ Expectations and Rating

It’s already known that the creators at last have given finale date of the twentieth season premiere – January 2, 2017. The latest part of the series was watched by a great number of viewers – about 6.5 million, and today the rating of the program on IMDB is 7.8/10. Stay tuned to know whether Silent Witness will be renewed for more series of the following twentieth will be its last part.


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