Shameless Season 7


Shameless is both drama and comedy. The series is about Frank Gallagher and his family. The father spends most of the time drunk, which puts his children in a difficult situation. The creator of the series is P. Abbott.

There are two versions of the show, including British and American. The latter one was began developing in 2009. The pilot episode was filmed in 2009. The show is directed by C. Chulack. Currently, the series have seven seasons and eighty-four episodes.

Officially, the first season was broadcasted on 9 Jan. 2011. The scenes were shot the North Lawndale and Burbank.

Shameless Season 7 date release


The cast of the show includes the following actors:

  • Cameron Monaghan,
  • Shanola Hampton,
  • Jeremy Allen,
  • William H. Macy,
  • Ethan Cutkosky,
  • Emmy Rossum,
  • Joan Cusack,
  • Justin Chatwin,
  • Brennan K. Johnson,
  • Steve Howey,
  • Emma Kenney,
  • Isidora Goreshter.

Shameless Season 7


The TV tells about Frank Gallagher’s family that consists of six kids. Since their father is an alcoholic who is drunk most of the time, children have to take care of themselves. It is obvious that the father’s alcoholism significantly affects this family. Not only Frank an alcoholic, but his is also addicted to drugs. He is able to committee crime to get drugs. He is not a biological father for Ian. Usually, he does not care for his children unless something really urgent requires his attention.

Frank was thrown in the lake and the next month he was in a coma. When he awakes, he understands nobody was looking for him.

Fiona is an attractive and intelligent girl and the elderly daughter in the family. She takes care of other children and that is why she had to stop studying at a high school. She often gets tired but tried to do the best for the family.

Jimmy is a young man who is fall in love with Fiona. He tries to do everything to attract the attention of the girl. He even throws money in the liberally, but this does not impress Fiona. As it turns out later, the guy really steals cars to provide for living. In some time, it appears that he really comes from a rich family.

Shameless Season 7


The episode 1 of the series was watched by nearly one million viewers. Many critics made positive reviews about the show.  On Metacritic, the first season of Shameless has earned a score of 66/100 and the second 76/100. On Rotten Tomatoes, the series has earned 74%. The other seasons have earned the highest rating.

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