Shameless Season 7 Release Date

Shameless Season 7 Release Date


Showtime stated that they had decided to extend the comedy drama Shameless for another season. The announcement was made at the press-conference of American television critics after the premiere of the 6th season. David Nevins, the president of the Showtime, could not hide his joy at the fact that the first episode of the 6th season was the highest rated on the channel.

This year it will be a bit different. Showtime decided to transfer the release date of the seventh season from the regular launch in January to the late autumn. So we should expect Shameless season 7 release date in October of 2016. Currently we can suppose that Shameless season 7 release date on Bluray and DVD will happen in Q1 of 2017.


The leading roles in Shameless season 7 episode 1 belong to William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum, Shanola Hampton, Steve Howe, Jeremy Allen White, Cameron Monaghan, Emma Kenney and Ethan Katkosky.


In Shameless season 7 episode 1 is the Story about a dysfunctional family Gallagher live in Chicago.  The first impression on the viewers Gallagher can be quite ordinary and every day, but it is not so. Mom throws a father of six children, his father, in turn, loves to sit for a bottle of hot drink, and every day in other words alcoholic.

Due to the constant state of comatose father, the eldest daughter is forced to take on all the responsibilities of family support, and it is 18 years. On her fragile shoulders lay the duty of not only the content but also the education of younger family members, and sometimes the father himself.

The Storyline lay not only a Story about everyday problems, she is full of ridiculous and absurd situations. The Main blow fun little family became their neighbors, who are forced together with Gallagher experience the most extraordinary and funny moments.

Soon the whole family decides to live without working at all, but to live well by any means and methods, but not the physical labor, like they got it, we learn in the new season.

Interesting Facts

  • Shameless on Showtime is a US adaptation of the original UK series with the same title;
  • The premiere of Shameless US season 1 took place in 2011;
  • The third episode of Shameless season 6 was watched by 1.7 million viewers, which was a higher viewer rating than the premiere of this season.

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Shameless | ‘We’re So Screwed’ Tease ft. William H. Macy | Season 7

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