Shahs of Sunset Season 6


Shahs of Sunset is a reality TV serial, which appeared on the year of 2012. Here you will see the story about the group of Iranian Americans. They live in Beverly Hills and try to juggle their careers in social lives.


The cast of the characters in such serial is rather big, so you must be ready to see a lot of new faces during each season premiere. In order to be brief, we will present only the people, which appear in the 6th season of the serial. Here you will see:

  • Reza Farahan and Golnesa Gharachedaghi.
  • Asa Soltan Rahmati and Mike Shouhed.
  • Schervin Roohparvar and Mercedes Javid.
  • Lilly Ghaluchi and Sammy Younai.
  • Leila Gharachedaghi and Asifa Mirza.
  • Omid Kalantari and Anita Gohari.
  • Sasha Salehi, Jessica Parido, and Bobby Panahi.

When we talk about the executive producers, here we must mention Omid Kahangi, Eric Gardner, and Ryan Seacrest.


The main character is Farahan, who is a real estate agent. She has a husband by the name of Adam. But here appears a great problem – he is gay and he didn’t hide his sexual side.

Gharachedaghi is the another person, who is an entrepreneur. She is from wealthy Muslim family, so each possibility to earn money is a real luck for her. Her appearance isn’t standard – she has a big amount of tattoos and in the new season her father appears. His main aim is to know, that his daughter has a good work and earn enough money.

Rahmati is also an entrepreneur. She came from California. Besides, she has a talent in painting. As for Mike, we must say, that he is a real estate agent. After he loose his money in Vegas, he changed his view to the life.

Also here you will see Javid, who live in Hollywood Hills. She has a very poor childhood, but now she hopes, that everything will change into a better side. Shervin has graduated the Bachelor and he wanted to find a good work and a right girlfriend.


That season of the serial will present you the life of people, who have not so successful future. But now they do their best to earn as more money, as they can. They didn’t give up, despite they knew, that everything can change into a better side.

The duration of each new episode is approximately 42 minutes. The Shahs of Sunset 6 Season release date is the 29th of October this year. When we talk about season air date, such information will be available.

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