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The series Colony (Season 2, release date – January 2017) is considered one of the most impressive, unusual and interesting projects of modern television. For the first time, viewers saw the show on January 14, 2016, it was then that the first episode came out. In general, the first season was composed of 10 series.

The action takes place in the United States in Los Angeles. We see not so distant future, where the Earth is conquered by aliens. The protagonist, a federal agent, is trying to track down his missing son.

Due to the high ratings and popularity among viewers, the producers decided to release the next season, which will include more series, to be exact there will be 13 episodes.


  • In the series, we can see a lot of wonderful actors:
  • Michael Reines,
  • John Valencia,
  • Becka Adams,
  • Reno Ministrelli,
  • Tom Beers,
  • Andre M. Johnson,
  • Ali Ol
  • Damien Packer,
  • Jerry Trimble


It is a near future. Mankind is enslaved by alien invaders that are not explicitly distinguished with friendliness. Occupied America is divided into parts, so-called Blocks. All major cities are surrounded by high walls. Those representatives, who sided with the invaders, help to control the population and ensure order in the city.

The entire first season, we can observe how the Bowman family is trying to find their son, which they lost. Everything that is known their son is behind the wall that surrounds Los Angeles. Unfortunately, Will and Katie cannot come to a common decision, and in the search for their son each goes his own way. Will agrees to cooperate with the new government, while his wife decides to join the militia.

Any attempt to overthrow the invaders and selling power do not bring any success, humanity and cannot regain freedom. The fate of the residents of Los Angeles is not known, since any information cannot get through the wall. The second season will tell the audience a little more not only about the history of Bowman, but also the fate of all mankind.


At the beginning of the second season we will be back, we finally reveal the best kept secret of the first season and know whether the protagonist finds his son.

The main theme of the second season – it’s the lives of people in the occupied territories, order and control in the conquered cities.

Number of episodes in the new TV show from Carlton Cuse will be 10 on the movie version of IMDB rating.

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