The series “Billions” Season 2

The series 'Billions' Season 2 Release Date


The series "Billions" (Season 2, release date – January 5, 2017) tell us about the incredibly cruel world of money and power. The Main role went to the talented Actors, which are transmitted through the game completely emotional series. This is a dramatic film about the work of the opposition of the political and financial world in New York. It shows us the dark side of the characters and their ways of conquest in the modern world.

Bobby Axelrod King hedge fund and a very clever Attorney Chuck Rodas are the Main characters of the television series and the two opposing forces. They use all their connections and the possibility to destroy each other. These billions of dollars in bets and provocative events that constantly accompany the Main characters.


The Main roles in the TV project are played by:

  • Damian Lewis
  • Paul Giamatti
  • Toby Leonard Moore
  • Kelly AuKoyn
  • Daniel K. Isaac
  • Maggie Siff
  • Malin Akerman
  • David Kostabayl
  • Condola Rashad
  • Susan Misner


The Main theme of the project, as you understand, it is “Money”. There is a common truth that money does not like those who are weak and versatile mind. Only people with great fortune, strong character and incredible will are able to possess money and make profit.

The highlighted point is that there even more rich people every year. So if they want to get profit they should be not only very intelligent, they should be able to make cruel and crazy things to become the best.

Sometimes on the way of the Main characters there are different people who are trying to do everything possible to avoid them to reach their goals.

The Main character of the Story is Bobby who is very intelligent and talented man. He controls a great number of very important and influential companies and he makes this work very skillfully. He eventually got the ability to see the future that gives him the possibility to be successful and makes his companies to get profit.

But nothing can be hidden forever and very soon the authorities become interested in Bobby`s actions. His opponent Chuck will try to discover all the secrets of the man.

They are absolutely different and they are ready to fight to life-and-death. While viewing the film there is a feeling as if New York stood and watched all the actions of the Main characters.


Very soon it will be shown on screens 3 part of the popular television project "Billions", but the exact release date is not yet known.

The ratings of the show are very high (8/10).

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Billions | Returns for Season 2 on Sunday, February 19 at 10 PM ET/PT| SHOWTIME

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