Sensitive Skin Season 3

On attempting to get out of the middle age crisis, the characters decide that this is a crucial moment and sell their house in order to induce overall changes in the lives for better. What can it lead to? The series has  two seasons released not without success but what is the fate of the third one? Let’s clear everything out right now without putting this deal off to the Greek calends.

Behind-the-scene Crew and Broadcast Matters

The series is considered to be a black comedy by Canadian production. The broadcast has been held on HBO Canada since 2014. The latest second chapter has premiered at the close of this spring 2016. The distribution has been accomplished also on various platforms including such ones as TMN and GO.
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The basis of the given story is an eponymous British series. So, it is a kind of adaptation that is of high quality indeed concluding from the ranking level.
The creative team is composed of Hugo Black and scriptwriter Bob Martin. Rhombus Media, Baby Cow Productions, The Movie Network and Movie Central is the crew behind the whole fabrication. The executive is Henry Normal here.
The acting cast is composed of  Kim Cattrall, Don McKellar, Elliott Gould, Nicholas Wright, Colm Feore, Joanna Gleason, and Mary Walsh. The sophomore season was noted for the appearance of Tom McCanus, Brigitte Robinson, Rick Robinson, and famous Brazilian actor Felipe Camargo on screens.

Plot Summary

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The focus of the story is the married couple composed of Davina and Al. They are in their middle age and the crisis has come upon both. Wishing to change their lives somehow for better, they sell their house. What does it lead to? How will they arrange their lives? Let’s follow the black comedy series right from the start while waiting for the premiere of the next installment.

Inspiring Results of Two Launches

The series comes to be equally appraised by critics and ordinary watchers. The performance of the acting cast is on a high level according to the opinion of both. The viewership, however, is not very strong with only 1 million people on average.
The score on IMDb equals 7.6 points out of 10 and that is almost perfect. Apart from this, the series has already managed to win a number of awards including four Canadian Screen Awards and nomination for an International Emmy for Best Comedy Series.

Is not it a Perfect Candidate for Revival?

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Concluding from the all above-said about ratings, the series serves a worthy candidate for renewal. So far, no announcements have been made concerning this. Herewith, the revival should be around the corner if to suppose that the following launch could be scheduled for spring 2017.
The Sensitive Skin season 3 release date can become known only when moving nearer to the close of the upcoming winter.
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