Selfie 2 Season Release Date

Selfie 2 season release date
Selfie 2 season release date was rumored. What to wait from the comedy drama from the ABC’s of concern to many viewers online.
ABC’s ordered additionally three new script for the first season to be fully confident in its continuation or closing as this and next year. The pilot of the show Selfie did not caused a standing ovation from the audience, but did not make a steep dive into the abyss. This comedy show was created by Emily Kapnek (the creators of “Suburbs”).

Selfie 2 season release date was rumored

The plot: 
The series tells the story of Eliza – a star of the social network Instagram, she understands that as a result of real live friends she simply does not. To fill its needs in living communion she asks for help marketing professionals named Henry teach her to exist in the real world.

Selfie 2 season release date is questioned.
What do you expect from the second season of the teen show?

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