Secrets and Lies Season 2 Release Date

Secrets and Lies Season 2 Release Date


ABC hasn’t yet announced the exact Secrets and Lies season 2 release date but it will definitely  happen somewhere in autumn of 2016. Also there is no news about Secrets and Lies season 2 release date on Bluray and DVD.


In addition to Ryan Phillippe and Juliette Lewis in Secrets and Lies season 2 release you will see such Actors Michael Ealy as Eric, Jordana Brewster in the role of Kate, Kenny Johnson in the role of Danny and Terry O’Quinn as John. The American version’s script was written by Barbie Kligman.


According to the press release of ABC Studios, in Secrets and Lies season 2 the detective Andrea Kornell will investigate the new case. In Secrets and Lies season 1 the decorator Ben Crawford (Ryan Phillippe) is married to Christie (Kadi Strickland) and brings with her two daughters: 15-year-old Natalie (Indiana Evans) and 12-year-old Abby (Belle Shouse). In their summer house lives his best friend Dave (Dan Fogler). One morning jogging in the forest, Ben finds the body of 4-year-old Tom, the son of her neighbor Jesse (Natalie Martinez), who divorced her husband, Scott Murphy military. The boy was taken away from the house and killed a few blows to the flashlight head. During the investigation takes detective Andrea Cornell (Juliette Lewis). Having established that Ben first night of the murder had quarreled with his wife, who jealous him to Jesse, got drunk and passed out with Dave, she comes to the conclusion that it is the prime suspect. Media pick up this version and begin the siege of Ben’s house.

Ben is losing orders, because everyone thinks him a murderer, and Christie still wants a divorce. Having handed over the analysis of DNA, Ben learns that he was the biological father of Tom as a result of one night with Jess. Jess thinks that Scott killed his son, and if he knew about fatherhood, it would have killed Ben. However, Andrea suspicions exacerbated by the fact that Ben’s flashlight disappeared. When Abby disappears, he suspects Jess, and she accused him of rape. Continuing the investigation, Ben alibi checks and other neighbors will know a lot about them. At the same time, his family is threatened: an unidentified leave abusive inscriptions Christie car and threatening calls Ben. However, the truth about the murder is worse than Ben and Andrea could imagine.

Interesting Facts

  • Secrets and Lies season 2 was originally made after the same-titled TV series made and broadcasted in Australia;

In Australia TV series the major role of the detective is played by a male actor while in the U.S. version the Main role was given to Juliette Lewis;

  • In Secrets and Lies season 2 there will be also 10 episodes.

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Secrets and Lies – Season 2 Trailer

Secrets and Lies – Season 2 shoots in Los Angeles

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