Secrets and Lies Season 3

Secrets and Lies is a mystery TV series created and released in the USA. The series was inspired by Australian version of the show with the same title. Barbie Kligman dealt with the development of the project in the USA. The premiere episode of Secrets and Lies was released on the 1st of March 2015. Secrets and Lies season 3 release date hasn’t been announced yet. However, the show enjoys great popularity and hasn’t been shut down.

Every new episode of the series revolves around Detective Andrea Cornell investigating homicide cases. In season 1 she suspects Ben Crawford in the murder of a boy from the neighborhood. In season 2 she deals with investigation of Eric Warner’s activities because of his wife’s death.
Secrets and Lies Season 3 date release

Plot & Cast

Ben Crawford (portrayed by Ryan Phillippe) lives his happy family life with his wife named Christy (portrayed by KaDee Strickland). They have two daughters: a 16-year-old Natalie (portrayed by Indiana Evans) and 12-year-old Abby (portrayed by Belle Shouse). Their summerhouse is inhabited by Ben’s best friend named Dave (portrayed by Dan Fogler). Jess (portrayed by Natalie Martinez) lives next to them. She lives alone, because her husband does his military service. They have a boy named Tom, who’s five years old.

One day Ben discovers a dead body of Tom. The boy was taken to the woods and violently murdered. Detective Cornell (portrayed by Juliette Lewis) suspects Ben. Unfortunately for him, he has nothing to prove that he’s not guilty. Besides, that night he was drunk and had a serious quarrel with his wife Christy.
Secrets and Lies Season 3

In the course of the first season, DNA testing revealed that Tom was actually a son of Ben. It happened because of a one-night affair. Ben starts his own investigation and it leads him to horrible new truths.

In the second season of Secrets and Lies Ben is murdered while being imprisoned. He was proved to be innocent. It influenced Cornell’s reputation.

Eric Warner (portrayed by Michael Ealy) gets suspected after the murder of his wife. It turns out that Eric’s dad had two wives and a number of dark spots in the past connected with deaths of several people.
Secrets and Lies Season 3

3rd Season Air Date

The 3rd season release date of Secrets and Lies hasn’t been announced yet. The plot of the series is extremely twisted, and you will never know what happens next. A number of questions remained without answers and it’s evident, that the series needs season 3. When we get any reliable info on the future broadcasts, we will let you know.

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