The Secret Daughter Season 2

The Secret Daughter Season 2 Release Date


The Secret Daughter is TV drama serial, which was made in Australia. The season premiere was in October this year. But now we want to present you good news – the second season of the serial, which will amaze you at all. The Secret Daughter 2 Season release date is the 6th of December in the year of 2016.


You must pay the greatest attention to the cast of characters. Here you will notice such talented Actors, as:

  • Jessica Mauboy and Matt Levett.
  • David Field and Rachel Gordon.
  • Jared Turner and Colin Friels.
  • Jordan Hare and Bonnie Sveen.
  • Renee Lim and Salvatore Coco.
  • Libby Asciak and Terry Serio.
  • Jeremy Ambrum and J. R. Reyne.
  • John Boxer and Harriet Gordon-Anderson.
  • Amanda Muggleton and George Mulis.
  • John Batchelor and Ryan O`Kane.
  • Deborah Kennedy and Indigo Sparke.
  • Kirk Pengilly and Alfredo Malabello.
  • Daniel Berlin and Radek Jonak.
  • Masha Wilson and Bobby Babin.
  • Mercia Deane-Johns and Erin Holland.
  • Stephanie McLelland and David Nicoll.
  • Luke Bovino and Scott Ferguson.
  • Fiona Young and Peter Condon.
  • Fiona Mahl and Elliot Collinson.
  • Oliver Wenn and Peter Cook.
  • Jordan Meaney and Ryan Soboleski.
  • Michael Hurley and Stephen Murdoch.
  • Corrine Dawes and Yolandi Franken.

The directors are Geoff Bennett, Paul Moloney, Leah Purcell. The producers are Rory Callaghan, Greg Haddrick, Jonny Kennerley, Julie Mainwaring, Karl Zwicky.


Here in the center of attention, you will see Jessica Mauboy, who is popular part-time pub singer. Now she decided to return to her native city, because of her father, rich magnate, dead and leave her without money.

The country girl started a new life and she had never imagined, that it is the reality for her. And in consequence, she got to the new family and now she is the new daughter of the new father. This emotional drama will show you, how the new family tries to communicate with her, despite all the difficulties, which they have.


Each new episode lasts for 46 minutes.

The season air date is very important when we talk about one or another serial.

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