Secret City Season 2

Secret City is a drama TV series created and released in Australia. The release was carried out by Showcase channel with the first season release date on the 5th of June 2016. That’s a miniseries consisting of 6 episodes. The original idea belongs to the authors of the novels published under the title The Marmalade Files and The Mandarin Code. They are Chris Uhlmann and Steve Lewis. The authors of the original script for the series are Marieke Hardy, Belinda Chayko, Matt Cameron, Alice Addison and others. The production matters are carried out by Joanna Werner. The first episode released was watched by more than 80,000 people. Secret City season 2 release date hasn’t been announced yet.


The action of every new episode revolves in Canberra. Life is stable and everything seems to be perfect for the needs of the local society. The series depicts high tension in relationship between America and China and the way it affects other countries. The main character of the series is Harriet Dunkley – a political journalist uncovering a secret city underneath Canberra filled with conspiracies, undercover operations and crimes that can be dangerous for usual innocent people.
Secret City Season 2 date release

Cast & Characters

  • Anna Torv portrays a political journalist named Harriet Dunkley.
  • Damon Herriman portrays a senior analyst from ASD named Kim Gordon.
  • Daniel Wyllie portrays the Defence Minister named Mal Paxton.
  • Alex Dimitriades portrays an officer from ASIO named Charles Dancer.
  • Jacki Weaver portrays Catriona Bailey, the Senator and the power broker of Australian Labor Party.
  • Alan Dale portrays the Prime Minister named Martin Toohey.
  • Mekhi Phifer portrays the Ambassador from the USA named Moreton.
  • Sacha Horler portrays the PM head named Ludie Sypek.
  • Marcus Graham portrays a political correspondent named Andrew Griffiths and nicknamed Griff.
  • Miranda Tapsell portrays a journalist from Canberra named Sasha Rose.
  • Secret City Season 2

  • Eugenia Yuan portrays the wife of the ambassador from China named Weng Meigui.
  • Benedict Samuel portrays a tutor from ANU named Felix Crawford.
  • Justin Smith portrays the director of ASD named William Vaughn.
  • Brenna Harding portrays one of the students from ANU named Cassie.
  • Matt Zeremes portrays the main constable named Sean Brimmer.
  • Secret City Season 2

  • Chris Haywood portrays the ex-leader of Mission in China named Lloyd Rankin.
  • Max Cullen portrays the father of Kim named Les Gordon.
  • Huw Higginson portrays the Editor working for The Nation Newspaper named Gus Reardon.
  • Max Brown portrays another student from ANU named Kevin Dang.
  • Kimie Tsukakoshi plays the character of Ivy Chen.

2nd Season Air Date

There’s no relevant info about the fate of the show in its second installment, but you’ll be notified when Secret City Season 2 will be announced.

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