Scream Season 3

Scream is a horror TV series created in the USA and released by MTV channel. The series is a part of the franchise with the same title with the original idea belonging to Kevin Williamson. The production of the series is carried out by Dimension TV studios together with MTV Production Development. The filming is mostly done in Louisiana and its nearby areas and locations. Sometimes the crew moved to Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

The action of the series is set in a fictitious place – a town of Lakewood. A series of murders happens at local school. The central character is Emma Duval (portrayed by Willa Fitzgerald). At first sight, she seems to be a typical teenager, but her past turns out to be dark. The series started in summer of 2015 and now the project is in its fifth season and the producers are preparing the sixth season. A special Halloween episode was released on the 18th of October 2016.
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Everything starts with cyber-bullying. This incident provokes a horrible murder. Now a serial killer gets interested in a group of teenagers (get the full list further). Lakewood’s dark secrets start to reveal its horrific past. It turns out that such a murder took place 20 years ago. Emma Duvall, the main heroine, is somehow connected with these tragic events. In every new episode, she does her best to reveal the darkest mysteries lying underneath it all. The things are getting worse with every episode. When anyone can be a victim and everyone is suspected it’s not really a wonder.
Scream Season 3

Cast & Characters

  • Willa Fitzgerald portrays the main character – Emma Duval. She’s charming and sweet, quite popular in high school. Lives together with her caring mom named Maggie Duval.
  • Bex Taylor-Klaus portrays best friend of Emma named Audrey Jensen. She’s a sassy filmmaker.
  • John Karna acts as a smart and a little bit nerdy geek Noah Foster. Has extremely vast knowledge of horrors.
  • Amadeus Serafini portrays Kieran Wilcox. He’s a newcomer. Lives together with his dad. In the course of the series, he becomes Emma’s love interest.
  • Connor Weil portrays the character of Emmas former boyfriend named Will Belmont. He’s also best friend of Jake Fitzgerald.
  • Scream Season 3

  • Carlson Young acts as Brooke Maddox. A rich, popular, but kind-hearted and sincere girl. Best friend of Emma.
  • Jason Wiles portrays Lakewood former sheriff named Clark Hudson.
  • Tracy Middendorf portrays Emma’s mom named Maggie Duval.
  • Kiana Brown acts as Noah’s love interest named Zoe Vaughn.
  • Santiago Segura portrays a high school student, sheriff’s son named Gustavo Acosta. He’s a talented artist fond of horrors, violent thrillers and comic strips.

Third Season Air Date

In October of 2016, MTV channel made the official renewal of Scream for season 3. The third season Release date is unknown yet, but the show is scheduled for 2017.

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