Scream Season 3

The second season of the Scream TV series has bowed out and we have been already acknowledged of the revival for the third season. It will premiere next year. The release date is not announced and there is no wondering why – it is too early, as for today.

Brief Review

The series under discussion is a fresh portion of horror broadcasted on MTV since June 2015. The latest launch is dated back to May 30, 2016. The release is over now and the third installment is already confirmed to appear next year.
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The horror mystery TV series serves as an adaptation of the famous eponymous franchise that includes several feature movies. The duo of Dimension TV and MTV Production Development has produced the series from the very start.

Plot Summary

The story enlarges upon the adventures of the team of teenagers living in Lakewood. Once they find themselves in hot waters. They start exploring the murder that stirs up memories from a distant past.
Every character has something to conceal from others. They lie to each other attempting to keep their secrets away from their own friends. If you are a loyal follower of the movie franchise, the story will be to your liking, surely. Thus, follow it until the third cycle appears.

Cast Changes and Additions in Season 2

In the latest installment, some characters have been added to the cast in order to provide the narrative with more storylines. They are Sheriff Acosta, Gustavo’s father, friendly psychology teacher Karen Lang, Eli, Kieran’s cousin who might be not as perfect as he seems and the young and independent Tina Hudson.
The acting crew is joined by Anthony Ruivivar, Austin Highsmith, Sean Grandillo, and Karina Logue, correspondingly.
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Rating and Reviews

The viewership is shocking – 21 million watchers gathered during the debut of the whole season. However, nothing is so perfect, for the reviews coming from critics are mixed. The second debut has been noted for described ratings this year. Only 0.4 million watchers have been watching each episode on average.
Despite this, the thriller keeps attracting the attention of the audience. The series has been nominated for three Teen Choice Awards in 2015 though the victories have not been obtained in any of these categories.

Following Updates

The final episode this year has been a cliffhanger. It featured the long-awaited revelation of the identity of the killer; Kieran is alive and in jail in the final episode. What will be next? We will be able to get to know this only next year when the already confirmed third season appears on screens.
We hope that you have not missed an opportunity to follow the special that has been launched on MTV quite recently on the eve of Halloween 2016. If not, you are destined to watch it right now!
The Scream season 3 release date is not near in coming. It will appear only next year. Stay tuned for updates together with our service.


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