Scream Season 1 Release Date

Scream season 1 release date
Scream season 1 release date was finally announced. Is it worth it in the near future expecting this popular franchise on the small screen? Will we see again Ghostface? How many episodes will be in the first season in the cult movie franchise that is transferred to the silver screens? All these questions excite the internet for some time. And they already have the answer.
Back in April 2014 it was announced that MTV channel aims to make a new pilot episode based on a series of horror films Creek.
It was only in October 2014 of MTV officially announced the beginning of work on this show. The pilot season will be filmed 10 episodes.

Scream season 1 release date was scheduled

According to rumors, it will be a reboot of the franchise Scream but on TV. Although Dimension Films and The Weinstein Company involved in the production, Wes Craven and screenwriter Kevin Williamson, the original does not have anything to show. Genre is designed for youth-horror comedy. The main roles in the show were invited to such actors as Becks Taylor, Claus Will Fitzgerald, John Carne, Amadeus and Carlson Young.

Scream season 1 release date is October 2015.
Are you expecting for the new TV show based on popular slasher movies?

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