Scott & Bailey Season 6 Release Date

Scott & Bailey Season 6 Release Date


Scott & Bailey season 6 will continue the Story about the female police officers solving their professional and personal matters, which are closely intertwined, yet they reveal the crime in Manchester and put on trial rapists and murderers.

Scott & Bailey season 6 release date was announced to be the last one for the show. It seems that Scott & Bailey season 6 premiere will happen in April, 2017.


 In Scott & Bailey season 6 episode 1 you will see such Actors as Suranne Jones, Lesley Sharp, David Prosho, Tony Mooney, Amelia Bullmore and Delroy Brown.


The series is about two detectives, policewomen, working in Homicide Manchester Police. Taken exciting, there are between episodes through Storylines personal life detectives complicated and harmoniously complement the image.

Scott (Lesley Sharp) older, calmer, wiser and better to get along with people. Where most others boil, she only smiles. Bailey (S. Jones) younger, faster uptake, but unbalanced. By confusing the crimes it is the mind, but on his personal life – hormones. She always chooses the wrong men and projecting these problems on their own investigation.

Interesting Facts

  • The series is about two co-worker of the department of the Manchester police invented by the English actress Sally Lindsay, who borrowed the idea from his favorite American TV series 80’s “Cagney and Lacey”;
  • Sally Lindsay and her friend, actress Suranne Jones, who starred together in an endless British soap opera Coronation Street , also wanted to play a co-worker, different life experiences that are not bred them in different directions, but rather helps to co-exist;
  • in April 2016, the British TV channel ITV said that the sixth season of the series Scott & Bailey will happen unlike many rumors. The season will consist of 13 episodes.

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