Scott & Bailey. Episode 5.1 Release Date

Scott & Bailey. Episode 5.1 Release Date


That is the story about two women, who worked as the agents and solved murders. Their lives are full of unexpected moments, but they used to live in such manner. It is very interesting work, but here they must pay attention to lots of details.


Among the actors we can see:

  • Suranne Jones as ADI Rachel Bailey.
  • Jing Lusi as DC Anna Ram.
  • Lesley Sharp in the role of DC Janet Scott.
  • Judy Holt in the role of Scary Mary Jackson.
  • Katie Clarkson-Hill as Wendy.
  • Marcus Adolphy as Desk Sergeant.
  • Louis Healy in the role of Maurice Ridley.
  • Lynsey McLaren plays the role of Maurice`s Mum.
  • Pippa Haywood plays the role of DSI Julie Dodson.
  • Tony Money as DC Pete Readyough.
  • David Prosho as DC Ian ‘Mitch’ Mitchell.
  • Delroy Brown in the role of DC Lee Broadhurst.
  • Richard Riddell in the role of Steve Dench.
  • James Wood as Arresting Officer.
  • Lizzie Stayrou as Joanne Dench.

The director of the film is Alex Kalymnios. The writers are Diane Taylor and Lee Warburton.


One year had passed since the last events. Nowadays Rachel is an acting inspector and she works with Janet and also keen DC Anna Ran. Together they make investigations and try to notice the motive of the murder.

His girlfriend Wendy also know about killers and crimes, which were committed in this region. One day they realize, that there are more than 10 crimes, which were not solved. And all them were seeing the witness. In that time Rachel and Janet were involved into a big tragedy, which have an influence in your lives.


The events of the story took place in UK. As for the genre, we can say, that it is a little bit of drama and crime. The release date was at 13th of April this year. So now everybody has an opportunity to watch the serial from the beginning till the end. You will enjoy it almost. Also you must remember, that it was made for adults.

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New 3 part series of Scott & Bailey starts Wednesday 13th April at 9pm, ITV

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