Scorpion Season 3

Not all the world’s series may be characterized with high-quality and thought-out plot. Many of today’s projects are of quite the same type, which can not be said about the show Scorpion that has been broadcasted on CBS channel since 2014. The authors of this series made sure to have the audience left a pleasant impression after watching; qualitatively selected cast even enhances the interest in this project.

After the television network CBS has stopped broadcasting the latest second season, most of the fans began to worry about whether the continuation will be presented and whether they should wait for it for a long time. On the official website of the program have been sent a lot of the same questions: when will Scorpion season 3 be released? Premiere date of the coming program was announced not long ago; the authors of the show have recently reported that the renewed season release date is set for October 3, 2016. According to the schedule it will have 24 episodes, which cannot help pleasing the audience.
Scorpion Season 3 date release

Authors and Creators

The new episode of the latest second season debuted on September 21, 2015. It included 24 episodes (the same number is awaited in the coming season). The idea of Scorpion belongs to Nick Santora, a producer and scriptwriter from New-York. His crew of executive producers includes such outstanding professional as:

  • Scooter Brown;
  • Danny Rose;
  • Heather Cadin;
  • Danielle Woodrow;
  • Walter O’Brien and others.

The company producing the series and responsible for the next season premiere is CBS Television Studios.
Scorpion Season 3

Plot Peculiarities and Cast

The main character of the show is Walter O’Brien (an actor from Great Britain Elyes Gabel). This young has a genius mind and together with the same talented youth is selected for a special group leading by Cabe Gallo (the great Robert Patrick). Their aim is to protect the US from various global attacks; Cabe calls them “the last line of defense”.The other main characters of the series are:

  • Happy Quinn (an actress from Canada Jadyn Wong);
  • Sylvester Dodd (an American actor and composer Ari Stidham);
  • Paige Dineen (an actress of an American origin Katharine McPhee);
  • Toby Curtis (a stage and TV actor Eddie Kaye Thomas).

Scorpion Season 3

Viewers’ Expectations and Soon Continuation

According to the statistics, the second season of Scorpion was watched by the prominent number of viewers – about 10 million. Its rating on IMDB is 7.2/10, but this result may definitely be changed with the return of the renewed program on the screen. The next season air date is set for October 3, 2016; it is expected that season three will not change the main format of the series and will be as interesting as all the previous parts of the project.

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