Scorpion Season 3

A new project in the genre of criminal drama that has seen the light of day specifically on the American channel CBS has been confirmed for its already third part. The producers of the serial seem to have a lot of crime stories in store to embody them in the near future.

Production information

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Being a part of fresh projects on CBS, the serial titled “Scorpion” is reckoned to be a criminal drama by its genre in the shape of the multipart film. The principal hero depicted there is a computer genius that is working in tight collaboration with the members of his recruited crew which goal is to keep the North America from threats of technological type.
The serial comes to be created by Nick Santora. The fabrication is the deal of the enterprise of CBS Television Studios as you have already guessed it is a co-project of the channel created especially for the production of filming projects for further broadcasting.
The premiere of the pioneer episode was set at the end of September two years ago. As for the acting cast, it is composed of such performers as Elyes Gabel, Robert Patrick, Ari Stidham, Katharine McPhee, Eddie Kaye Thomas, and some others.

What should we know exactly about the plot?

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The central hero of the story named Walter O’Brien is an experienced user of computers and the leader of the recruited team which is called specifically Scorpion. The crew is founded on the order of the federal security department in the USA. The working purpose of the team members is to defend the American secret computer data from threats coming from all over the world.
All the participants of the secret crew are brilliantly intelligent and this feature is enough for maintain the state security on a high level.

High ratings and favorable reviews

This criminal and action drama presents in itself nothing but a hit breaking to the American television. According to the data from the airing of the sophomore chapter, we have 11 million of viewers sitting in front of their TV sets and watching the new episodes.
Such great ranking level has compelled the developers to keep the production of the serial at least for the next several years as it seems like a great error to deprive the channel of such viewership and the common watchers of the compelling action story.

Expectations concerning the resumptions

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In order not to seem slow in comparison with such channels as ABC and CW, the producers of the home channel of our discussed project made up their minds at the very end of March to announce the renewal for several successful projects. One of these projects turned to be Scorpion.
With the project begin resumed for the third chapter, the Scorpion season 3 release date remains unknown. But there is nothing to worry about so far as the project has bowed you recently after the final episode of the sophomore chapter. We can only hope that some information about the criminal drama is aiming to appear getting closer to the end of this autumn and to the start of autumn.


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