Schitt`s Creek Season 3

To watch for the life of the rich on TV – it’s often a pleasant experience, but the creators of the popular project Schitt’s Creek on CBC television channel decided to improve this idea, demonstrating the public comedy the series about a rich family, which suddenly became a bankrupt. Although it may seem not a cheerful description, the show is full of humor and a lot of funny scenes, so after the second season of the project ended last spring, the public began to ask questions about when Schitt’s Creek season 3 release date will be announced. The following third renewed season premiere is already known: the next new episode will be presented on January 10, 2017. So, there is not much to wait, and the debut of the coming part is being awaited by its many lovers.

Authors and Developers

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Originally the pilot season release date of the series took place on January 13, 2015, and the second and latest season air date was scheduled for January 12, 2015. These two parts consisted of 26 episodes each lasting about 22 minutes.
The creators of Schitt’s Creek are Eugene and Daniel Levy, father and son of Canadian origin, who also are included in the cast of the program. The directors of the project are:

  • Jerry Ciccoritti;
  • TW Peacocke;
  • Paul Fox.

Besides well-known father and son the crew of executive producers, developing the series, are the following people:

  • Andrew Barnsley;
  • Fred Levy;
  • Kevin White;
  • Ben Feigin;
  • Michael Short.

The company producing the sitcom and responsible for its next season start is Not A Real Company Productions; the network which is going to broadcast Schitt’s Creek after its return is CBC.
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Plot Peculiarities

The plot of this sitcom tells the story of a wealthy family, which is due to serious financial problems, has to move to a quiet little town and settle in far less elite housing than in the past. All the series is shown in a comical manner, and the main actors’ acting is so vivid that all their misadventures in a cheap hotel and a new way of life do not look sad, but quite interesting and cheerful.
The actors who took part in Schitt’s Creek are:

  • Catherine O’Hara;
  • Eugene Levy;
  • Annie Murphy;
  • Daniel Levy and others.

The public is strongly waiting when new season three is going to be released and hopes for more interesting plot twists and main characters’ adventures.

Series Rating and Soon Renewal

Despite a few negative reviews from some critics, this ingenious program has gained fairly high audience ratings (7.5/10 on IMDB). It’s already known, that the coming part will contain 13 episodes as all the previous parts, and like all the previous air dates the following season three will also be presented on January. Stay tuned not to forget to get the finale schedule of all the parts for not to be unaware waiting for future episodes.


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