Scandal Season 6


We have got five installments of Scandal now. Is not it amazing? The sixth season premiere waits in the wings. Produced by Shonda Rhimes, the political thriller drama turns to be one of the most compelling programs on the ABC channel where it has broadcast since April 2012. The latest season release date was September 24, 2015. The acting cast includes Kerry Washington, Katie Lowes, Jeff Perry, and many others.

Plot Summary

The main heroine of the story named Olivia Pope leads her own agency which specializes in avoiding scandals in the political world. Her team of composed of people with quite diverse backgrounds, including a litigator, a lawyer, a computer hacker, and an investigator.
Scandal Season 6 date release

Every day they work with clientele from the American government. Their immediate task is to protect their private lives from the dirty things that come up with politics.

Audience Acceptance

With the course of the several-year run, the series has managed to improve ratings-wise. The first season premiere was peculiar for the number of 7 million watchers per each new episode while the last one – for more than 10 million viewers. What else can be mentioned to make us sure that the series is worth its further development?

The success of the scripted program is clear as day now and there is no essence in worrying about the future of the project at all. The IMDb 7.9/10 score is another proof of this fact.
Scandal Season 6

Latest Developments

Is the new season air date known? All of us are expecting now when the confirmed sixth chapter will see the light of day. Scandal season 6 release date is already known as January 19, 2017. As it has been stated, due to the pregnancy of the lead actress, the volume is going to be shortened to 16 instead of 22.
Scandal Season 6

Together with such ABC hits as Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away with Murder, the series will be released already in almost two months. Is not it great for you? Do you wait for these releases? What do you think of this project by Shonda Rhimes? Share your impressions with us while expecting the upcoming release and following the new trailer available right here! Stay tuned for many other specifics as for instance some plot details that can become exposed before the debut in order to keep you interested in the story.

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