Scandal 5 Season Release Date

Scandal 5 season release date

Scandal 5 season release date has been already confirmed.

This news is highly expected by thousands of fans of this political and crime drama all over the world.  In the spring of 2015, the fourth season of Scandal will end.
Although there are no official statements about the future of the series, the project has a great chance to get the fifth season since the fourth season shows stable audience ratings. This suggests that the audience is highly interested in this series. Let’s hope that the leadership of ABC’s listens to the opinion of spectators and will soon extend series for the fifth season.

Scandal 5 season release date has been already confirmed

The main character is Olivia, who has not worked as a regular staff. This woman makes problems go away before they give publicity. Customers of Olivia are the richest and most powerful people in the USA. The team of the protagonist on a daily basis quickly solves any problems of these people.
Add that each episode attracted the attention of some seven million viewers, which is an excellent indicator. However, whatever it was the last word will be after the direction of the channel. Follow our updates and be the first to know when there will be the fifth season.
Scandal 5 season release date is scheduled for autumn of 2015.
DVD release of Scandal 5 season is planned for the end of 2015.

Scandal 5 season release date on Bluray is rumored to be in the very beginning of 2016.
Do you like this show? Do you want to see the new season?

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