Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta season 10

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta season 10 Release Date

TLC channel will soon announce the Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta tenth season release date.

Whatever another brilliant series is to come, TLC should decide. Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta season number 10 is on top of this article. 


This reality is set in the largest boutique in the Greater Atlanta area. Its’ name is the Bridals by Lori and it’s situated in Sandy Springs. Due to this television series not only the shop proprietor Allen gained his popularity, also image consultant Monte Durham, manager Robin Gibbs and his aide Flo Waters are now famous throughout America. 

You could have seen Durham and Allen before when they took part in Platinum Weddings show. The brides are chosen by the means of online application. Their participation is absolutely free, but there is no obligatory need for them to buy a dress from the shop. 

When, who and how

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta isn’t a name of a clothing shop, it’s a wonderful series, which premiered on July 30 six years ago. A new episode of the ninth season of this American reality show came out on January 1 this year. North South Productions were busy with its release. It may seem to you that this series are pretty alike the those of Say Yes to the Dress program, but it’s not suddenly. The latter one is another program produced by the same director. 

You should definetly see it

Why should you wait for the next season premiere? Because it’s interesting, funny and cute. The staff there is nice, kind and helpful. The show also provides you with the challenges of one bride or even her future husband. Which dress a lady should wear today is the most curious and tricky question ever. Now imagine, how it can be difficult for a bride to find exactly that dress she has been looking for. And if you were a fiance, wouldn’t it be for you as nerve-racking as for her?

The series is very popular among viewers not only because it’s very emotional and appealing. It makes a great contrast to modern media that is full of violence, crimes and blood. That’s why it’s always pleasant to have a cup of Latte while watching such a cozy show with such a cute cast. 

Nevertheless, follow our news and you’ll be the first to find out the Atlanta tenth season air date.

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