Saving Hope Season 5

Saving Hope is a supernatural medical drama TV series created and released by Canadian television. The star of the show is Erica Durance. The action revolves in a fictional place called Hope Zion Hospital somewhere in Toronto. Saving Hope is executively produced by Malcolm MacRury and Morwyn Brebner. They are also the creators of the project itself. Saving Hope was first aired on the 7th of June 2012. Saving Hope season 5 release date is unknown yet, but we’ve got news on possible broadcasts in the future. Follow us and you’ll never miss a new episode.

Plot & Cast

The main character of the series is Dr. Alex Reid (portrayed by Erica Durance). Her fiancé Dr. Charles Harris (portrayed Michael Shanks) gets to coma because of a car accident. Every new episode of Saving Hope follows Charlie’s life and his comatose state. Every day Alex has to deal with patients, hoping that her beloved will stay alive. Dr. Reid is the main one in the surgery. In the end of season, one Dr. Harris gets better and wakes up. However, when he wakes up he realizes that he can see the spirits of dead people.
Saving Hope Season 5 date release

The other characters are:

  • Dr. Joel Goran (portrayed by Daniel Gillies) – a newcomer in the hospital, an orthopedic surgeon, ex-lover of Alex.
  • Dr. Shahir Hamza (portrayed by Huse Madhavji) -a talented neurosurgeon.
  • Dr. Maggie Lin (portrayed by Julia Taylor Ross) – a surgical resident in the department of General Surgery.
  • Saving Hope Season 5

  • Dr. Gavin Murphy (portrayed by Kristopher Turner) – a resident of psychiatric department.
  • Dr. Zachary Miller (portrayed by Benjamin Ayres).
  • Victor Reis (portrayed by Salvatore Antonio) – OR nurse.
  • Dr. Tom Reycraft (portrayed by K. C. Collins).
  • Dr. Melanda Tolliver (portrayed by Glenda Braganza).
  • Dr. Dawn Bell (portrayed by Michelle Nolden) – former wife of Charlie, works as a cardiologist.


Metacritic gave Saving Hope 49 point rating out of 100 possible basing on the reviews of fifteen critics. Verne Gay called the show a sturdy and reliable material. It’s sober, sensible and intelligent – a perfect Canadian drama series. Lori Rackl called the series emotion stirring; however, the montage is handicapped. The viewers mostly share positive feedback on the show.
Saving Hope Season 5

5th Season Air Date

The news is good and bad at a time. CTV channel has made an official announcement about the future release – 5th season release date is yet to be scheduled and announced later. However, the devoted fans will be extremely disappointed to know that season 5 is the last one in the project. The producers and the creators decided to wrap up the series in 2017.

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