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According to the up-to-date situation, the supernatural serial “Salem” that is considered to be the newcomer on WGN America is resumed for the third chapter that is to debut later this year, supposedly in the fall.

Short outline of the story

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Salem makes for the fantastical drama series about witches. The story itself is grounded on the Salem Witch Trials, a range of stories about prosecutions of people charged with witchcraft in one of the former colonials in America.
The serial is developed by Adam Simon in a tight collaboration with Brannon Braga. The premiere of the first episode of the serial was held in the middle of spring two years ago. The current number of seasons is only two. But the viewers feel anticipated about the new episodes coming with the launch of the third chapter.
The acting team of the serial is composed of such performers as Janet Montgomery and Shane West.

Plot details

The story enlarges upon the life of a powerful witch and her evil plans that she is going to put into effect. The action of the serial takes place in Salem (as you have already guessed looking at the title of the series). The time of performance is the 17th century. The narration is given here from the look of witches. Thus, the serial comes to differ somehow from its foundation presenting a somewhat another version of the story.
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The immediate characters of the series come to be Mary Sibley and John Alden. They are in a bad luck as their romantic relationships should be built under the conditions of dreadful hysteria and horror in which the town they inhabit divulged.

Ratings and reviews

In spite of great rating level expected from the serial as the plot is quite promising in fact, the project has received rather mixed reviews. This turns to be a surprising fact as the serial is distinguished by great writing and the truest manner of depicting the story about witches in light of other similar projects about supernatural creatures.
The scoring on various websites is mainly the same golden middle. For instance, on Rotten Tomatoes, it is evaluated in 54%. On another resource, the rating constitutes about 50 from 100 points.  The total number of viewers is about 1.8 million people. Thus, we can conclude that the serial has obtained its auditory in spite of some negative reviews from critics. So the serial is gaining traction being launched with regular intervals.

What can we say about the premiere date of the upcoming third season?

As all the fans of the given project know, the serial has been already renewed officially for the chapter number 3. Though we have no information about the Salem season 3 release date as well as about other plot and cast details, we are aware now that the third chapter will appear in the fall this year. Supposedly it will be on the eve of Halloween. It seems like a good idea for such threatening and mysterious project. The developers , thus, have an eye for the marketing methods that contribute to the success of their filming product.


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