Saints & Sinners Release Date

Saints & Sinners Release Date


Saints & Sinners is a TV series of American production.  The genre of the show is drama. For the first time, the series was shown in 2016. In the same year, due to its success, the series was renewed for the season 2. The director of the pilot is J. Lamothe. The season 1 of the show has 8 episodes. They were shot in Atlanta in 2016. The show is about disputes between members of the same church.

Currently, twenty-one episodes are available.


The cast of the show includes the following actors and actresses:

  • Gloria Reuben, an actress and singer,
  • Vanessa B. Calloway, an actress and dancer,
  • Keith Robinson, a comic actor and stand-up comedian,
  • Clifton Powell, an actor,
  • Christian Keyes, an actor, singer, and model,
  • Jasmine Burke, an actress,
  • Darnell Williams, a soap opera actor.

The recruiting cast of the show includes the following actors and actresses:

  • Dawn Halfkenny, an actress,
  • Kendrick Cross, an actor,
  • Afemo Omilami, an actor,
  • Chris Gann, an actor,
  • Sarafina King, an actress,
  • Maria Howell, an actress,
  • Richard Lawson, an actor,
  • Tony Vaughn, an actor,
  • Summer Parker, an actress.


The show is about conflicts between the members of the Baptist church. The place of action is a town in Georgia. A man tried to escape investigation due to certain investment operations and returns to the home city. He is very disappointed to find his town swallowed up by bad feelings like lust and greed. A murder happens in the town and it appears to have something in common with another murder that took place many years ago. There must be a conspiracy, which makes people being unable to distinguish what is right and what is wrong.

Everyone is obsessed with money because it is the time to pay the old debts. The Baptist church is torn apart by jealousy and the desire of power. Its members are constantly fighting with each other and cannot find peace. Because the investigation takes a long time, there is little time left to manage the debts of the dead man. Levi has to face an attack by people from the past of Pastor Johnson. He is obligated to protect those who are innocent so that the detectives could close the case without accusing a wrong person.


The show has received mixed critics’ reviews. Episode 1 has earned 1,300, 000 viewers, a week later the number of views rose till 1,500,000.  The show was one of the most popular launches of Bounce TV.

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