Safe House Season 2 Release Date

Safe House Season 2 Release Date


Safe House season 2 is The British drama series directed by Marc Evans. ITV started the production of the second season of Safe House in February of 2016.

Possible Safe House season 2 release date will happen in early autumn of 2016, though there is no official news about the second season premiere.


Paterson Joseph, Marsha Thomason, Christopher Eccleston, Peter Ferdinando, Kelly Harrison, Jason Merrells, Nicola Stephenson, Kristina Tremarko, James Burrows, Harriet Keynes and others will take part in Safe House season 2 episode 1.


The protagonist of  Safe House season 2 premiere is a former policeman Robert – along with his wife Katie leaves in the dead of the province of England, to forget the unpleasant circumstances of his dismissal from the police force. All goes well until Robert calls his former colleague … Several years ago, Robert was entrusted to guard a very important witness, but the witness was killed accidentally. Because of this, Robert retired from the police, and still cannot forget this case.

The reputation and professional pride seriously affected: Robert does not even want to remember the circumstances of his failure. In the case of Robert backwater are not bad: he gradually forgets everything that happened to him. So it goes as long as it has not requests a former colleague and good friend Mark (Paterson Joseph). He asks Robert and his wife settled temporarily in the house the family, followed by chasing a dangerous criminal. To bring families from the risk zone, Mark wants to entrust their life a professional – albeit retired. Robert decides to agree to re-feel in order and make some money. But will he be able to handle it this time? After all, under his protection be the whole family.

Interesting Facts

  • Safe House season 2 premiere’s script was written by Michael Crompton;
  • The critically awarded producer of this ITV’s show is Andrew Benson.

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