Rosewood 1 Season Release Date

Rosewood 1 season release date

Rosewood 1 season release date has been settled. What are the details of Rosewood 1 season premiere?

Let’s find out about the details on the release date of Rosewood season 1 episode 1. There is some information about the storyline of Rosewood.

The Plot:

The plot of this new detective series is the life and work of Beaumont Jr. Rosewood – a coroner from Miami that "too fond of life" according to his colleagues, and especially by a female detective colleague. The protagonist spends opening in its advanced laboratories to detect the clues that were not able to see the specialists from the Police Department.

Rosewood 1 season release date has been settled

Rosewood 1 season release date is scheduled for September 23, 2015.
DVD release date of Rosewood 1 season is expected in winter of 2015.
Rosewood 1 season release date on Bluray is planned for December of 2015.
While you are waiting for Rosewood 1 season premiere watch the first trailer:

Do you want to watch rosewood 1 season premiere?

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