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Rosehaven Season 2 Release Date


Rosehaven is a TV comedian serial, which was created in Australia. The season premiere started in October this year and lots of people are satisfied with it. So the second season will be already shown for the fans. The Rosehaven 2 Season release date is the 7th of November in the year of 2016.


Talking about the cast of Actors, it is important to mention the Main and recurrent Actors. But we will introduce the general people, among which we must mention:

  • Celia Pacquola.
  • Luke McGregor.
  • Kris McQuade.
  • Katie Robertson.
  • Noela Foxcroft.
  • David Quirk.
  • Kim Knuckey.

The directors of the serial are Jonathan Brough and Shaun Wilson. Among the producers, we must name Rick Kalowski, Fiona McConaghy, Celia Pacquola, Brett Sleigh, Andrew Walker, Kevin Whyte. The editor is Nathan Wild.


Here you will see the Story, which will present you all the secrets of real estate business. Daniel McCallum is in the Main role here and he wanted to help his mother in her real estate business. She opened it many years ago and now her Main aim is to present the most suitable conditions for her clients.

Now Daniel lives in Tasmanian town, in which he grew up, so he feels good in his native place. He had a friend by the name Emma and she got married not so long ago. Now she comes back, because she realized, that her husband is not a person, with whom she wanted to spend her life. After a honeymoon, they got divorced.

Such a comic situation will make the new season unforgettable and you will enjoy each moment of it. Here the new relationship between Daniel and Emma will appear, despite earlier they didn’t have the feelings like that. In a different manner, they try to show the sympathy and you may know, what will be the end of this Story.


This serial includes comedy and romance, so you will be glad to see it for a long period of time. Here a lot of unexpected ideas will be turned into reality, so you will enjoy it at all.

The new episode must be watched by everyone because here a lot of entertaining events will take place and you will estimate all of them.

When the season air date needs to be checked, this article will help you.

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