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General Info

Rogue is a very popular American drama TV series with Thandie Newton playing the role of the main character. The filming was organized in Canada, Vancouver, though the events happening in the story are set in Northern California. The series was produced both by American and British film makers and commissioned by Direct TV, Movie Central and The Movie Network.
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The series first appeared on TV screens in July 2014. Each season consists of ten episodes. Three seasons are available, but what about the fourth one? Any plans for the future?

Plot Summary, Cast and Crew

If it’s the first time you hear about this show, get acquainted to the cast and the crew + some additional info on the plot.
Grace Travis is the main character. She’s a police officer in San Jose. She’s a professional undercover agent working in Oakland and taking care of Jimmy Laszlo’s criminal affaires.
In a short period of time Grace suffers a terrible hardship – her son is murdered. It makes her work in collaboration with Jimmy cause it turned out that they have a common purpose.
In season 2, Grace decided to change her job for the one of a handler in FBI and started her investigation into the San Francisco corporate espionage. One of the undercover female agents got lost and it forced Grace to get back to her undercover working experience.
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While working undercover she got acquainted to Ethan, an enigmatic security consultant. He turned out to be charming and handsome, but possibly responsible for the disappearance of that undercover agent.
In season 3, Grace is sure that Ethan is missing puzzle piece in the story with the missing agent. In order to save her, Grace gets to Chicago to track Ethan’s activity there. In Chicago Grace and Ethan start their investigation together cause they both have lots of in common and have to help each other in order to reveal the horrible truth that unites them.
The cast: Cole Hauser as Ethan Kelly, Thandie Newton as Grace Travis, Sarah Jeffery as Evie Travis, Richard Schiff as Marty Stein, Sarah Carter as Harper Deakins, Derek Luke as Marlon Dinard, Sergio Di Zio as Patrick Finnegan, Joshua Sasse as Alec Laszlo, Kavan Smith as Tom Travis.

Feedback and Facts

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Rogue received different reviews. The first season was called mixed and average by most of the critics and Rotten Tomatoes give it 4.9 points out of 10 basing on 8 reviews.
Thandie Newton and Cole Hauser have already worked in collaboration while filming The Chronicles Of Riddick.

When Will It Be?

There’s no info of the kind. The release date remains unknown and there’s no official confirmation on that. Let’s hope for the better, but the popularity of the series slowly goes down and there’s nothing we can do about that.


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