The RockMan Season 1 Release Date

The RockMan Season 1 Release Date


The RockMan season 1 premiere is a forthcoming set of three of movies (mini-series) which take after Dr. Sebastian Kramer (Sam Winterton), a researcher from the year 2050, who makes a time travel gadget which permits him to do a reversal to a period before he was destined to keep the world being assumed control by phenomenal, abominable animals called RockMen.

Currently the success of the campaign directly affect the upcoming launch date of the show. It seems that we should expect The RockMan season 1 release date in the late quarter of 2016.


The arrangement is being created by beginner movie producers, Glenn McAllen-Finney and Tommy Bee, who as a rule produce music recordings for neighborhood groups and craftsmen. This is their most eager venture to date.  The cast and group is comprised of companions and neighborhood ability who are striving to make something exceptional – according to the creators of The RockMan season 1.


It is 2050, and the world is invade by uncommon animals known not presently rare human race as RockMen.  It is up to one of the world’s most significant researchers, Dr. Sebastian Kramer to make a trip back to a period before the animals came to exist and keep them from perpetually assuming control over the planet.

With a little assistance from a clueless non military personnel and two Government Agents from the present day, Kramer will leave on a mission that he trusts will change the destiny without bounds, for eternity.

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Currently the project raises funds by means of IndieGoGo campaign for the post-production stage. They need at least 2000 pounds to continue the work. Help them if you are interested in the show!

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