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It’s a pleasure when a high-quality TV detective is not just causing interest of the viewer but truly excites the senses and makes feel nervous. If the creators managed to achieve this effect, it means that such a project clearly deserves attention. As, for example, the British TV series River, which has been coming out on BBC One channel in America, and immediately after it on Netflix channel since 2015. This mini-series has been able to catch the fancy of the audience, and the viewers are increasingly turning to the producers of the project with a single question: when will River series 2 begin? Release date of the following new episode is, however, shrouded in mystery, and now it’s impossible to speak about the terms of the coming of the next season air date. The renewed show is likely to be presented when all the authors consider the decision regarding the next season start will be reasonable.
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Creators Crew

This catching season premiere was set for October 13, 2015, and after American public had watched it, the series was first shown to the audience in the whole world on November 18, 2015. The pilot part consisted of six episodes, and there is still no any data about possible number of episodes in season two.
The creator of River is Abi Morgan, who wrote the script and developed the idea into a TV project. The directors are Jessica Hobbs, Tim Fywell and Richard Laxton.
The crew of executive producers presenting the first season release date and responsible for its developing are:

  • Manda Levin;
  • Lucy Richer;
  • Jane Featherstone.

The company which is responsible for the return of the show on the screen is Kudos; the networks broadcasting River are BBC One (it works for the American audience) and Netflix (distributes the program abroad).

Plot Review and Cast

It’s hard to call this series standard, as its plot and chronology of developments demonstrate an excellent authors’ idea and takes the audience into a serious psychological drama, the protagonist of which is a DI John River (played by a brilliant Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgård). This person will face a variety of excitements and emotions, overcome the grief and sufferings to find a way to live. Detective investigations are not the main idea of the program, all the flavor of River is revealed rather through intrigues and clashes of the story characters.
River Season 2 Cast
The other actors taking part in the show and worth noting are the following ones:

  • Nicola Walker;
  • Eddie Marsan;
  • Georgina Rich:
  • Lesley Manville;
  • Adeel Akhtar.

Number of Viewers and Possible Continuation

The series has got many positive feedbacks, and its rating on a respected website IMDB is 8.2/10. When new season was first presented, its premiere was watched by about 3.88 million viewers, and this figure is not small. If the creators will renew the show or not, it will be known pretty soon, and now stay tuned not to miss any finale announcement and be aware of possible schedule in case of the project renewal.


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