River Monsters Season 9

River Monsters Season 9 Release Date


River Monsters is the serial with documental particles, which was made and created in Great Britain. Here the wild life is presented in such a good manner. Also you will see here all the water inhabitants and some of them can be so huge, that you will be very surprised, when you see them. Here the 9th season will be presented and you must see it from the beginning till the end.


To talk about the cast, it is important to mention such people:

  • Daniel Goz.
  • Jeremy Wade.
  • Tim Mousseau.
  • Stan Groves.
  • Boone Hodgin.
  • Lisa Bosak Lucas.

The serial is directed by Charlie Bingham, Barny Revill, Luke Wiles, Dominic Weston, Charlotte Jones, Clare Dornan, and Joseph Maxwell. The producers are Andie Keegan, Laura Marshall, Andie Clare, Daniel Rasmussen, Joseph Hassell.


Jeremy Wade is the person, which appeared in the center of attention. For many years he worked in extreme and biology spheres, but nowadays his Main aim is to find the water inhabitants of big sizes and with extraordinary skills.

Each week Jeremy come to a new travel, because he wanted to impress each viewer of his show. He doesn’t scare of dangerous organisms and he is ready to do everything to excite and surprise you. The only person he has is an operator. He tries to help him in his work, so we can say, that this season will show you two brave man, who aren’t afraid of anything. The result of their work is really unbelievable.

If you will see all the seasons of the show, you will know, that here you have a lot of surprises. You haven’t any possibility to forecast the next step of Jeremy, because even he didn’t know exactly, what will happen next.


People, who prefer fishing as a kind of relaxing, will see this serial with pleasure. If you didn’t know, how to spend your time and to watch something Interesting, that serial will be the best idea you ever think about.

The duration of new episode is not so big – 40-90 minutes. The River Monsters 9 Season release date is the 22nd of April in the year of 2016, so you can see it in any suitable time for you.

To know, when the season premiere and the season premiere will be, you can use the extra information.

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