Richie Rich Season 3

The classic cartoon is returning to us in its modern version created by using the most up-to-date animation approaches. The series is yet to be resumed or canceled but as the rating shows, the cancellation is more probable, much to our regret.

Making a sketch of the cartoon

Richie Rich is another television project for Brian Robbins alongside with such ones as Smallville, Varsity Blues, and All That. Working in a tie with Jeff Hodsden, as well as with such executives as Tim Pollock (The Suite Life of Zack and Cody), Shauna Phelan (Side Effects, AwesomenessTV), and Joe Davola (One Tree Hill, Smallville), he created the action comedy series in the form of the live show.
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The series is available on Netflix in such countries as Canada, the USA, and also in Latin America states.
The series acting cast is composed of Brooke Wexler, Jake Brennan (Dark Skies), Joshua Carlon, Jenna Ortega, Kiff VandenHeuvel (Star Trek Into Darkness), Lauren Taylor.
The project is a joint venture of its home online network called Netflix and DreamWorks Animation’s AwesomenessTV. DreamWorks is developing, by the way, three hundred hours of original programming for Netflix in their successful partnership.

What is the story background?

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By its origin, the story is referred back to the classic project about the famous character named Richie Rich broadcasted yet in the previous century. Therefore, the given series is nothing but a reincarnated version of that old movie. As a result, we have received a live-action half-hour comedy series.
Richie Rich is a comedy series about the richest kid in the world. But here, it is not about a pampered child who is busy with just doing nothing in his life. He manages to make a trillion dollars by means of inventing and then selling a cool new green technology.
So becoming the wealthiest child around the globe and deserving it truly, he moves into a fancy mansion and starts living in a great way.
The story depicted in the series follows his adventures, starting from exploring Antarctica, and ending with making a movie with his friends as well as getting acquainted with international celebrities.
Richie Rich Season 3 Cast

What is about the renewal?

The series second debut was held in the preceding February. So now it seems like it is high time for the developers to think about the third part. However, they are not in a hurry to follow this way. What could lead them to put the series on hold? The reply is the average ratings of the story. So the new version failed to replicate the success of the original one.
As the reviews from critics and ordinary watchers are also controversial now, there are little chances that the story will be renewed but they still exist before the series is not canceled formally. So we can become aware also of the Richie Rich season 3 release date sometime in the future. Stay tuned with us in case the series is resumed.


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