Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Season 5

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Season 5 Release Date


Rich Kids of Beverly Hills is a reality TV serial, which was produced in America. The season premiere was on January in the year of 2014 and now the 5th season is available for everyone. The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills 5 Season release date is the 24th of June in the year of 2016.


The cast of Actors is not so big here, but each character is a real personality with all his or her features:

  • Morgan Stewart.
  • Dorothy Wang.
  • Brendan Fitzpatrick.
  • Jonny Drubel.
  • Roxy Sowlaty.
  • Daniel Abeyta.
  • E. J. Johnson.
  • Chrystal Friedemann.
  • Indira Cesarine and Tama Leia.
  • Mykel Hawke Pierce.

The director of the serial is Adam Sampson. Among the producers, it is important to name Grant Rickard, Doron Ofir, Jennifer Falkoff, Lynsey Dufour, Fern Finer, Elizabeth Jones, Matt Haught, Bonnie Buckner, Vida McCampbell, Amy Bethard, Emily Slemaker, Michael Tronn, Morgan Camie, Lauren Cave, Liz Abernethy, Laura Hoeppner.


 A lot of people think that rich people have no problems in their lives because they can afford themselves to buy everything. But it is the wrong opinion and this season of the serial will prove it to you.

Here in the center of attention, you will see the millionaires, who are at the age of twenty. They live in Beverly Hills, California and here they have a lot of problems of different character. People in this age want to have everything in their lives, but it is quite difficult to reach such an aim. In that serial, you will see career ups and downs, romantic troubles, and, of course, the problems of misunderstanding. But the Main aim, which whey have is to struggle with the parents in such a hard time.


In that serial you will see, how young people try to be successful in all the branches. If you are young too, this serial will amaze you at all. Here a lot of Interesting stories and events will appear, so you will be glad to see the serial. You can do it with your friends and each person will estimate such a cinema masterpiece.

The duration of the new episode is 42 minutes.

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