Revenge 5 Season Release Date

Revenge 5 season release date

Revenge 5 season release date has been announced and confirmed. Are you waiting for another season?

Will there be another season of dramatic criminal history of revenge of a girl named Emily Thorne (played by Emily VanCamp)? Will offenders get what they need what they deserve for killing her family in the series from ABC’s in the episodes in the next year?
The show runner and screenwriter of the series Sunil Nayar admitted in an interview that the show could end after 4 seasons. And although at the moment the TV station ABC has not taken a final decision, Nayar said that the second part of the fourth season will develop in the direction of its closing, emphasizing it: “The decision doesn’t depend on me, whether it will be the last season of the show, but I can say that creatively we are not afraid to do things that will become final. We believe that this will give a much more rewarding feedback”.

Revenge 5 season release date has been announced

Revenge 5 season release date should be expected not earlier than in autumn of 2015.
DVD release date of Revenge 5 season will be in January of 2016.

Revenge 5 season release date on Bluray is expected in the mid-term of 2016.
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