What is the Release Date for Teen Wolf, Season 5?

What is the release date for the 5th season of Teen Wolf? Its date release caused hype among the fans of this extremely popular MTV series.
Despite the fact that official statements about Season 5 from the management of the channel and the creators of the series have been reported yet, there are some details proving its release. Since it was reported that the series Teen Wolf by MTV’s got an additional funding from California’s Film and Television Tax Creditin. It is reported that the series Teen Wolf will receive additional funding of $11.5 million.

This series is among 26 other TV projects that will receive funding in the 2014-2015 season. The lion’s share of $ 77 million out of total 100 million sum have been spread between only 11 series, among them is Teen Wolf.

The release date for the 5th season of Teen Wolf is confirmed

The release date for Teen Wolf, season 5 is summer of 2015.
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