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Do you want to learn when will be the release date of The Ibiza Weekender season 2? Are you aware whether the show will be renewed or cancelled? Are there any official confirmations about The Ibiza Weekender season 2? Check the details below.


The Ibiza Weekender season 1 appeared on the ITV in the UK on February 8, 2015 and comprised of eight one-hour episodes. Both, the first series The Magaluf Weekender and The Ibiza Weekender have delighted in high appraisals and have reliably made online buzz.

ITV has recently reported the reestablishment of the reality series The Ibiza Weekender for another second season. The Ibiza Weekender season 2 is slated to debut in 2016 and it will concentrate on the comings and goings at a solitary Ibiza lodging. Each of eight one-hour episodes will take after the fun, coquettish and some of the time preposterous existences of the Ibiza island. ITV is yet to set the release date of new episodes, so wait for more news about the second season.


The Ibiza Weekender is a British reality TV series that pretense on the ITV2 in the United Kingdom. The Ibiza Weekender is a spin-off of another popular reality series The Magaluf Weekender, a British reality TV series taking after a gathering of 18–24 year-olds spending a weekend at an inn resort in Spain. The Magaluf Weekender was shot at the Lively Hotel in the occasion resort of Magaluf, Mallorca. Series 4 changed the area to Ibiza, and the title was changed to The Ibiza Weekender. The series is official created by Gyles Neville (The Only Way Is Essex) and Melanie Darlaston (Killer Psychopaths). The Ibiza Weekender season 1 debuted on ITV2 on February 8, 2015.


Release date of The Ibiza Weekender season 2 will happen in 2016. Wait for the updates to learn the exact release date.

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