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There is some information about the new season Still Standing (CA). What do you expect from the 2nd season of this popular TV show? What surprises should we wait from Still Standing (CA) season 2?

As yet Standing stands for another Canadian satire and reality TV series that stands for as of now airing on the CBC Television station in Canada. The new comic drama series is delivered by Frantic Films and official created by J. Brown, J. Peeler, C. Legge and S. Kleinfeld. Season 1 debuted on CBC Canada on June 23, 2015.

Still Standing (CA) stands for a cross breed parody and reality series facilitated by performing artist and humorist J. Harris. The show takes after comic Jonny Harris on a diverting and endearing voyage crosswise over Canada as he dares to residential communities on the ropes and inundates himself in the lives of local people.


Season 1 was released on the CBC Television station in Canada on Tuesday, June 23, 2015 at 9:30 p.m. (10 NT). The debut scene was recorded in Bamfield, British Columbia. With starting positive reaction, trust the series will get reestablished. Since there has been no word yet from CBC Canada about the destiny of a second season, seek out us for the most recent news, or subscribe to our notices and get the debut date of Still Standing season 2 consequently sent to your inbox when it is reported.


The series stands for an idiosyncratic and tender enterprise into residential area Canada, and a festival of the individuals who gladly decide to call those towns home and realizes what makes these spots uncommon. In every scene, Harris goes to a little Canadian group which is battling fiscally and in the wake of investing energy becoming acquainted with the occupants he performs a high quality comic drama show for the town’s inhabitants, where he coordinates some of his found bits of knowledge about existence in their group.


CBC has recently declared that its new hit comedic reality series Still Standing has been reestablished for a brief moment season. Jonny Harris will return in 2016 venturing out crosswise over Canada to residential communities on the ropes why overseeing should continue chuckling even with difficulty. "I’m completely excited by the reaction we’ve had and can hardly wait to get season two in progress," – said comic Jonny Harris. CBC stands for at present tolerating applications from residential areas that need to show up in season two. CBC is yet to plan the release date of new scenes, so seek out us for the most recent updates.

Release date of Still Standing (CA) season 2 will happen somewhere in 2016.

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