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Do you want to learn when will be the release date of the second season of Grantchester? Are you aware whether the show will be renewed or cancelled? Are there any official confirmations about how many episodes will be included into Grantchester season 2? Get the details below.


Grantchester stands for another criminologist show TV series that is usually aired on the British channel ITV. The series was named after The Grantchester Mysteries books composed by J. Runcie. Grantchester was made by D. Coulam (who previously worked at EastEnders) and official created by D. Santer (famous for the work at Jane Eyre).


The storyline of Grantchester is set in a 1950s Cambridgeshire town of Grantchester that is, logically, located close to Cambridge. The series takes after neighborhood Anglican vicar Sidney Chambers (depicted by J. Norton whom you might have seen in Happy Valley) and Detective Inspector Geordie Keating (depicted by R. Green known for his part in Mount Pleasant) as they as they research wrongdoing in their little group involved into the investigation of country crimes of different kind.

Series 1 debuted on ITV on October 6, 2014 and each episode was drawing just about 8 million viewers to the screen. Grantchester season 1 comprised of 6 scenes with the last scene having been broadcasted on November 10, 2014. On November 26, 2014 the ITV channel officially declared the recharging of Grantchester for another (second by count) season, which is set to begin taping in the first place of 2015 and air soon thereafter.


ITV is in the blink of an eye to start generation of a second series which is slated to debut in 2016. J. Norton is going to repeat his part of Sidney Chambers as the charming, wrongdoing battling priest, and R. Green will repeat his part of Sidney’s accomplice as the Police Inspector Geordie Keating. In a brief moment series, the characters need to face up to the outcomes of turning out to be such a refined wrongdoing battling pair. Six new scenes will be shot in London, Cambridge, and surely in Grantchester itself. ITV is yet to plan the accurate release date of new scenes, so seek here for the most recent news to get the debut date of Grantchester series 2.

Release date of Grantchester season 2 will happen in 2016. Check our updates to learn the more accurate premiere.

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