Reign Season 4

Reign is a historical romance TV series created in the USA. The action revolves around the early life of Mary, Queen of Scots. The creators of the series are Stephanie SenGupta and Laurie McCarthy. Airing is provided by The CW channel. The first season release date is the 17th of October 2013. Reign season 4 release date has already been announced. You can get it further all together with short plot descriptions of the seasons and the cast. The main characters are portrayed by a multinational cast consisting of actors from Australia, Canada, England and New Zealand.

Season 1

The series is almost fully fictional. The main character of it is Mary, Queen of Scots (portrayed by Adelaide Kane). The action is set in 1557. Mary belongs to a French court. Her fate has been decided since childhood when she was engaged to Prince Francis (portrayed by Toby Regbo). Now she’s going to marry him. Mary will face uneasy tasks connected with reigning, politics changing and personal misleading situations connected with strong romantic feelings for her fiancé’s half-brother named Bash (portrayed by Torrance Coombs). Mother of Francis named Catherine de’ Medici (portrayed by Megan Follows), believes in the prediction of Nostradamus (Nostradamus portrayed by Rossif Sutherland) and tries to prevent this marriage. The prophet said that this marriage would result in Francis’s death. The series also depicts lives of Mary’s handmaidens named Kenna (portrayed by Caitlin Stasey), Aylee (portrayed by Jenessa Grant), Lola (portrayed by Anna Popplewell), and Greer (portrayed by Celina Sinden).
Reign Season 4 date release

Season 2

Season 2 is a continuation of the previous events filmed with the same actors playing the same characters plus some insignificant changes in the cast. The action revolves when King Henry II (portrayed by Alan van Sprang) dies. The viewers follow the King and the Queen of France and Scotland, Francis and Mary. In every new episode, they do their best to get their married life balanced with their monarchy affairs. What makes things worse is a conflict between Catholics and Protestants. They are also threatened by their ambitious rival House of Bourbon willing to get the throne of France.
Reign Season 4

Season 3

According to the prophecy, Francis dies because of the long-lasting illness and leaves Mary a widow. She’s no longer the official ruler of France. Charles, Francis’s brother gets the crown, however he’s too young to rule the country, that’s why Catherine is assigned to be a regent. In season 3 we also get introduced to Queen Elizabeth of England (portrayed by Rachel Skarsten). She has some cruel plans against Mary and also secretly meets with her love interest named Robert Dudley (portrayed by Charlie Carrick).
Reign Season 4

4th Season Air Date

In spring of 2016, The CW channel made the official renewal of the series for season 4. The date has already been announced in the media – season 4 of Reign series is planned to be aired on the 10th of February 2017.

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