Reign Season 4

This long-running series under the name Reign Season 4 belongs to the genre of romantic fantasy.  Based on historical events, the serial already has three seasons. Now, its creators have renewed it for the fourth chapter for the home channel called CW.

Regarding production info

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A fantasy series with speckles of historical drama and romance, the multipart project “Reign” focuses on the life of Mary Stuart, the Queen of Scots. More specifically, on the years she spent in France in her youth and her rise to power.
The serial was created by Stephanie Sengupta and Laurie McCarthy. Many companies participated in the production of the series, including such popular as Warner Bros Television and some others. That includes the broadcast channel.
The opening occurred in the middle of fall 2013. The acting cast includes Adelaide Kane and Toby Regbo.

What about the storyline of Reign Season 4?

The pilot season portrays France of the time and Mary Stuart’s life in the French court as a young lady. Living there, she has to open her eyes to the royal conspiracies, powerplays, sexual awakening, ghosts, and many other intricate ordeals. All the while expecting to marry to Prince Francis.
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In the second chapter, the story focuses on the rise of Mary and Francis to the French throne. Multiple historical events the story is based on, including the death of King Henry, the clash between Catholics and Protestants, and the destructive disease of those times called the black plague. This fantasy story has retained all of that. Although, as a fantasy series, it naturally has some rather frivolous interpretations.
The marriage of the royal couple is complicated by betrayals, murders, and supernatural powers. And that means that you won’t even think about weariness when watching this series. The story is interesting compelling enough.

Is there any critical commentary towards the project?

Due to a sufficient number of viewers, the critics haven’t ignored this series at all. But some of them did bash it for the lack of historical accuracy. Of course, since that was the whole idea, such commentaries lack weight. Either way, they are obviously subjective in many ways.
The serial has been nominated several times and it was a more than just a nomination or two. It received two awards back in 2014. So the series is more than adequate for its home channel.
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Following the most recent news about the project

As concerns the series’s renewal, we have great news for you. This very project has been recently revived once more. This time, the fourth chapter is coming up. Expect that some changes will occur in the upcoming installment. For now, the directors do not go into details when speaking about these changes. The Reign season 4 release date remains unknown so far. Supposedly, the premiere will be scheduled for the end of summer. So be ready to hear the news about the plot details and cast changes any day,  as well as about the exact launch date.
The fourth season’s launch date has been confirmed. The new episode is to come out on February 17, 2017.


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