Redneck Island Season 6

Redneck Island Season 6 Release Date


Redneck Island is a reality serial, which is hosted by Steve Austin. The season premiere was in the year of 2012 and nowadays that show is very popular among the people of different ages.


As you could understand, that is a reality serial. So here the cast wouldn’t be so usual. We will present you the list of contestants from different seasons:

  • Jennifer Kercher and Adam Freeman.
  • Cavton Flippen and Catherine Long.
  • Kevin Floyd and Teri Allen.
  • Eric Bradford and Kassie Worley.
  • Rob Harris and Jeannie Hunter.
  • Adam Sullins and Dove Bush.
  • Wade Jones and John Paul Burwell.
  • Justin Campbell and Donna Marie.
  • Eliza Weber and Heather Maier.
  • Darren Sweet and Nick Honea.
  • Joe Durdaller and Kelly Moss.
  • Kyle Medina and Lisa McCreless.
  • Shawna Wilson and Will Worley.

It is presented by Steve Austin. When we talk about the executive producers, we must mention Steve Austin, Cris Abrego, Jayson Dinsmore, Clay Newbillm Melanie Moreau, and Matt Westmore.


Here the main idea is to survive on the remoted island. Steve Austin gather the group of contestants, which also called rednecks. Here you will see a lot of talented and strong players, who have the main aim to be the best. Each person must have good immunity to all things, which happen on the island. Besides, sometimes, they must overcome all the competitions to get some tasty food for living.

Here all the players are divided into a two groups. Each team choose the general person, who will make a plan for other contestants. Some people must make a house, the others are responsible for water, and the last group is responsible for food.

When they can to an island, everything depends on their relationship in groups. If there is also understanding and each person do his work, that group will have all the chances to win the competition.


If you like TV shows, in which people must live in untouched nature, this serial will satisfy you almost. Each new episode here is full of unexpected and interesting moments, so you will be happy to see them.

The Redneck Island 6 Season release date is the 17th of February in the year of 2016. When we talk about season air date, such information will be available.

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