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Red Dwarf was released in 1988. It is a science fiction comedy TV show made by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor. The show includes 8 seasons that were broadcast in the period between 1988 and 1999, as well as one additional season titled Return to Earth, which was broadcast in 2009. Also there is a new season, which was issued in 2012. The 12th season of the show will premiere in 2017.


Dave Lister (the role was received by Craig Charles) is a technician lowest rank on board the ship before the accident.

Arnold Judas Rimmer (the part was given to Chris Barrie) is the second member of the crew.

Cat (the character was played by Danny John-Jules) is a creature that has occurred from the descendants of Frankenstein – cat Lister.

Microcomputer Holly (the role was played by Norman Lovett) has an IQ of 6000, although it was very exhausted for being lonely for three million years after the accident.


The main site of action is the mining giant spaceship Red Dwarf. In the first episode, the deadly release of radiation killed all life on the spaceship, except for Dave Lister, who was in the moderator of time, and his pregnant cat Frankenstein. Holly, a board computer holds Lister in the moderator as long as the radiation level does not subside to a safe level, which takes 3 million years. Holly brings to life Lister’s captain Arnold Rimmer in the form of hologram.

At the beginning of the series, the main task of Lister and his companions is to return to Earth. They face temporary distortions, mutants and strange diseases that have arisen over the last 3 million years.

In the second season, they find Krayt, who becomes a permanent member of the crew.

At the end of the fifth season, characters leave the self-destroying Red Dwarf and for two seasons continue the journey on a small spaceship Star Beetle.

In the seventh season, Rimmer leaves the crew to travel to a parallel universe.

In the eighth season with the help of microscopic robots Red Dwarf is being restored together with its dead crew. The show ends with a space virus eating the spaceship that makes the entire crew evacuate.

The ninth season is characterized by the fact that it has only three episodes and in fact almost all consists of references to the film Bladerunner.

The 10th season was released in 2012 and is about the crew finding the spaceship Trojan.

In the eleventh season, the crew comes to modern version of America, where the modern technology is banned.

The twelfth season of the show will start airing next year.


Even though, there are a lot of science-fiction elements in the show, it is mostly a comedy where fiction is used as accessory plot necessities.

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