Red Dwarf Season 12 Release Date

Red Dwarf Season 12 Release Date


Red Dwarf season 12 will return!  It is a British science fiction comedy series created by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor. The protagonist of the series "Red Dwarf" – junior technician Dave Lister – is the only survivor in a spaceship Red Dwarf. 

Red Dwarf season 12 release date will happen in the end of 2017. However, before the release of the 12th season, Red Dwarf season 11 will happen – in the end of 2016. Check our news to find out about the exact release date.


It seems that the original cast will return in Red Dwarf season 12 episode 1 and the fans will be able to watch their favorite Actors – Danny John-Jules, Robert Llewellyn, Chris Barrie, Craig Charles, Norman Lovett, Chloe Annette, Mac McDonald, Tony Hawks and others.


The protagonist of the series Red Dwarf is a junior technician Dave Lister ship (Craig Charles). The survivors of the deadly release of radiation dose. From the death of Dave save time moderator and his pregnant cat Frankenstein. Onboard computer Holly (Norman Lovett) Dave holds in the moderator of time as long as the radiation level will drop to acceptable. It takes 3 000 000 years … Lister is the only representative of the human race. But besides him on board are other creatures: Holly resurrects neighbor Dave – Arnold Rimmer (Chris Barrie) in the form of a hologram. Also on the "red dwarf," is being Cat (Danny John-Jules), which comes from Dave and cats evolved.

Interesting Facts

  • The very first season of Red Dwarf premiered on BBC on February 15, 1988;
  • The show was not only fan-favorite but also critically acclaimed and even won the prestigious Emmy Awards;
  • According to the Twitter leaks from the show creators, the iconic weapon of the series – bazoocoids – will also return.

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Red Dwarf V trailer

Red Dwarf Season 9 Trailer

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