Real Time Disasters Season 1 Release Date

Real Time Disasters Season 1 Release Date


Those TV viewers who have tired of boring quiz shows, predictable criminal TV dramas and non-funny sitcoms may enjoy watching the brand new documentary/fantasy/mystery TV series made by the team of National Geographic Channel – Real Time Disaster. The first season even has the premiere date.

So, Real Time Disaster season 1 release date was announced for June 1, 2016. It will be broadcasted on National Geographic Channel. Currently the release date of Real Time Disaster season 1 on DVD and Bluray is not expected.


Director: Lenny Van Wesemael will work on Real Time Disasters visual picture. In this documental series we will see some guest actors explaining the natural phenomena – Wim Opbrouck, Chlo? Daxhelet and Monic Hendrickx.


Real Time Disaster season 1 episode 1 makes utilization of client created footage of few of nature’s most remarkable occasions to put the viewer comfortable heart of activity.

In the series you’re in that spot as a meteor tears through the world’s environment, illuminating the morning sky in Chelyabinsk Russia with its serious fireball and wonder about one of nature’s most strange marvels as a tremendous sheet of ice gradually crawls coastal to wreak ruin in Minnesota, USA.

Not simply is the footage in such movies an efficacious individual record, yet such occasions are so uncommon, it’s also a fundamental asset researchers can utilize and trial to comprehend our reality and ensure ourselves.

Interesting Facts

  • Real Time Disaster season 1 premiere will consist of 4 episodes;
  • Each episode will last about 40 minutes;
  • Real Time Disaster premiere will be produced and made by National Geographic Channel along with the collaboration of Superlative Stimuli and S2 Entertainment Partners.

Promo Art

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