Ready For Takeoff Season 3

Ready For Takeoff Season 3 Release Date


Ready For Takeoff is a TV series with observational and airline effects. It was made in Australia, so it is rather Interesting to watch and enjoy. The season premiere was in October this year, but now we are ready to introduce the 3rd season of the serial. The Ready For Takeoff 3 Season release date is the 2nd of November in the year of 2016.


In this serial, we can`t present you the cast of Actors because here each time different people will appear. So, it will be a great surprise for you and we hope, that you will love it very much.

This TV show is produced by Freemantle Media Australia.


Here you will see the exploration and the Qantas workers will appear here in the first plan. They have a great practice and now they are the real professionals. This Tv series will help you to understand the life of pilots and stewards. Also here will be shown service agents, compliance agents, and engineers.

Different tasks appear for this people and nowadays they haven’t any problems in solving them. In future episodes, you will see the launch of pilot uniforms and a fashion parade. Here sixty female and male took place and they just walk the runway, because they are ready to change their lives. The viewers can see all the events behind the scene and it is so easy to understand, how to be in such an unusual situation.

Here you will see a little bit of romance and that make this serial really Interesting. In some episodes, the drunk passengers will appear and also here will appear the person, who has a heart attack.

An intrigue of this serial is connected with unusual plot – nobody knows, what to expect and that makes the new episodes unforgettable.


The genre of the serial is factual, so here you will see the truthful stories, which are always full of unexpected decisions and events. Here you will see how people work in flights and if you have the aim to become a steward or pilot, here you will understand, what does it mean.

The running time of one new episode is 60 minutes and you must have a free time to watch it and to understand each moment.

This information will be really important when you will need to name the season air date.

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Ready For Takeoff Season 3 3

Take Off – The Flight Simulator – Release-Trailer (EN)

FSLA320X – Promo Video – Ready For Takeoff!

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