Ray Donovan Season 5

Brief Review

The serial is made as a family drama exclusively for the broadcast on Showtime. The Mark Gordon Company, Ann Biderman Co., Bittersweet Productions and Showtime Networks have been collaborating on this project since the original opening. Four seasons with 12 episodes in each one complete the volume of the drama.

The latest part premiered on June 26, 2016, on the Showtime channel, the original home of the series. The fifth installment is determined to be launched next year. Ray Donovan season 5 release date remains an open question.
Ray Donovan Season 5 date release

Plot Summary

Starring Live Schreiber and Jon Voight, the story revolves around an Irish-American working on one law agency. His main task lies in fixing bribes, threatening people and other illegal issues. FBI started the hunt for him as soon as his father is released from the jail. But this is not the only one challenge that should be taken by him.

Among other cast members, let’s name the following:

  • Paula Malcomson,
  • Dash Mihok,
  • Kathrine Moennig,
  • Kerris Dorsey,
  • Eddie Marsan,
  • Devon Bagby and others.

Ray Donovan Season 5

Favorably Accepted

All elements of this series seem to be perfect no matter whether it is an acting part or a script. The excellent quality of this story keeps being compared to that The Sopranos series has. This example of cinematography has been delivering decent ratings since its very opening. 1.2 million watchers are considered to be a standard viewership per each new episode, as for info from the latest broadcast.

The top-notch score on IMDb makes us sure of the series worthiness once more, offering 8.3 points out of 10. Among awards, a considerable role is given to five Emmy nominations.
Ray Donovan Season 5

The reviews received from critics and ordinary watchers are favorable. To sum all this up, the series can see the bright future waiting for it ahead. However, will the new season air date be ever released? What do we know about the fate of the project? Let’s find it out!

Renewed for the Fifth Season Premiere

The revival for cycle 5 was not a surprise for those who love this criminal show when it was announced in summer 2016. Twelve episodes are expecting their launches next year. The new season release date can become clear only in 2017. Stay tuned for the relevant news!

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